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Search the heart of any good business and you are sure to find EXCELLENT customer service. With the advent of social media, consumers will find you out if your service is not….

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Drop your load, submit your rate confirmation and signed BOL, and get paid in one hour. It’s that simple. Don’t wait – take advantage of this incredible opportunity while you can.…

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Tired Of Paperwork

If you are an owner operator and you are tired of the HEADACHE of having to fill out paperwork, we have some exciting news for you. You no longer have to fill out packets….

No More Paperwork

WHO IS BST Logistics

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Time to go to the next level…

BST Logistics is a full service dispatch service, designed to move small to mid-size owner operators to the next level in their business. We specialize in open top trailers – Flatbeds, Step Decks and Hot Shot Rigs – but we also do Dry Vans and RGNs. Our goal is to move a one or two truck Owner Operator business to a three, four, or five truck business.

Our approach is pretty simple. We offer these small to mid- sized business owners two different packages to choose from. These packages are designed to help business owners to spur growth and maximize profits in the shortest amount of time. The package to choose from will depend on the infrastructure of the business, and the level of engagement from BST necessary to the business owner’s goal.


Owner Operator? Have Questions? I know, I’ve been there…

Want to hear a story that sounds all too familiar! Trust me, You want to hear this!

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First package is our “Simple Package.” This is for our owner operators who have help on the back end of their business to track and file paperwork. If you have a wife/husband, business partner, friend, or employee to keep up with fuel receipts, expenses, and small back office tasks this is the perfect package for you

With this package we will find and secure the best loads possible for your truck(s). Once those loads are secured we will send you – or your driver the rate confirmation, and other paperwork applicable to the load. 

In addition to finding the load and sending the rate confirmation, we will follow up the the broker to keep him/her updated on the load until it is delivered at the final destination. Once it the load is delivered and the BOL is signed we will send a copy of that BOL to the broker – if that is required.


elite package

If you are NTI (New To Industry) and need a little more assistance than our “Simple Package,” the “Elite Package” is the perfect fit for you. If you don’t have a back office platform to rely on to track the critical information you need as a growing business, this package will help fill in the gaps.

In addition to the great service of the “Simple Package” this package also offers fuel tracking, earning settlements (for driver pay), load & broker spreadsheet, and much more. for more on both of these great packages, please click here. 

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