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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to meet our customers where they are at in their business, and help move them forward from there. We know that with the right tools as small owner operator, has potential of explosive growth. It’s our job to open the door to that potential by being the necessary tool to tap into the billions of dollars that flow the trucking industry. If we can bring a steady stream of income through great paying loads we will have provided our customers with the best possible chance of being successful. 

Our Story

Hello, my name is John. I started in the trucking industry as a small hot shot service with one truck, one trailer, and myself as the driver. Thats it! After several years of running I stumbled across the opportunity for me to lease on another driver. I was in Sturbridge, MA and a guy approached me in the parking lot of the hotel and asked me if I could take him to his truck to get some paperwork; unfortunately his load was too high to go under a low bridge between the truck stop and the hotel. So I gave him a ride to his truck and brought him back to the hotel. We talked and got to know each other. He was being treated terrible at the company he was with and asked me if I would consider leasing him onto my company. He became my first leased on driver. 

As the years passed, one leased on driver turned into two, two turned into four, four turned into seven… Before long my small one truck operation blossomed into a team of really good drivers and really good dispatchers.

In the process of growing my trucking company I would get calls from owner operators who had their own running authority and didn’t want to lease on. For these owner operators dispatching was all they needed. Eventually I saw the need to help these men and women who were out there hustling to make a living, but simply lacked the time and know how to keep their truck running. Out of this need BST Logistics was born. 

Since our inception, we have laid a great foundation to provide great service. Service has to be at the heart of every dispatcher we bring on board. It is the essence who we are. We are here to serve! 

John Shaw

Meet the Team

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Regan McCook

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Timothy Barrett


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