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Customer Service BST Logistics

“Excellent customer service is something that cannot be measured, or bough with money – It cannot be taught in schools, seminars, or obtained with precious metals. True authentic customer service is the product of an individual with sincerity and integrity in their heart.” 


With the advent of Social Media customers will find out if your service is lacking. I truly believe that EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE is not something you do because it’s what you have to do as a business owner, blah blah blah… NO, it’s something you do because it is who you are at your core. It’s that genuine feeling of knowing that you are adding value to someone’s life with the service you provide. They are, in turn, able to provide for their family, and so on. 

Hi, my name is John owner of BST Logistics. At BST, we refuse to be second to anyone in the dispatch service industry for customer service. It is our desire to see everyone to whom we provide service succeed. We are proud of the success the customers we serve have achieved through our service.

Our dispatcher service team is friendly, professional, really good at finding loads and keeping your truck running. So what are you waiting for?!?! Sign up for our service today!