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What We Do Not


Run Trucks Locally – We don’t dispatch trucks that want to run in their home State or their State and a few surrounding States. This is just not a good plan for success unless you have local customers, in which case you would not need a dispatcher. If you are looking to gross 5K or more a week it would be difficult – to say the least – only running locally. It takes a lot of time, vigilance, and phone calls to secure a good load. Running locally only exacerbate this problem.

Once you have dispatched out, a dispatcher has to find that one load going back to where you live. This eliminates every single good, or even decent paying load, because it is not going back to where you live. It may take you one day or three days before that one load going back to where you live comes up on the board. So by the end of the week you have a $800 load to take you to the other side of you State or the next State over, and a $500 load coming back. 

After paying expenses, including fuel, food, commercial truck insurance, truck and trailer note, you’re left with nothing at the end of the week. Not to mention a dispatcher having to work for one truck for a whole week only to make a percentage of $1300.

So, no, we don’t dispatch local trucks. It’s just a bad deal for everyone involved. 

Dispatch 32ft Trailers or Less – Hot Shot trucking is all about deck space. Loads taking up 32ft of deck space or less is almost always a partial load. If it is 32ft or less, yet paying as a full load, it is considered a dedicated load. You won’t find a lot of 32ft or less dedicated loads. So with a 32 footer your working almost exclusively with partials. Partials can pay anywhere from 50 cent a mile to $1.50 a mile. A partial is more commonly paying around $1.00 a mile. It is difficult for a owner operator to accept a load only paying a dollar a mile. 

So, it’s not that a 32 footer can’t make money. But the problem is that a 32 footer is much more difficult to load than a 40 footer – in addition to the fact that many owner operators who have a 32ft trailer somehow believe their dispatcher should be putting loads that pay $1.50 to $1.75 per mile on their trailer just like the 40ft hot shots. It simply doesn’t work that way. Deck space is GOLDEN, and that 8ft of deck space is literally the difference in grossing 3k consistently and grossing 5k to 6k a week.