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Message From The Owner 2017-10-28T09:13:53-05:00

owner messageHello owner operators.

After years in the hot shot business, I am a witness that it is a very rewarding business to be in. And I say that despite the countless challenges, headaches, and pitfalls. Fact is, no matter what business you are in, it is going to come with the difficulties of being in business for yourself. Make no mistake about it, as an owner operator you are in business for yourself. Your business will succeed or fail according to the decisions you make.

Many owner operators come into this business, with the idea of getting in the truck, and driving and making $$$ thousands and thousands of dollars$$$…right? My hand is raised. But what every single owner operator who enters this field learn, including myself, is that the learning curve for this business is steep and can easily be overwhelming. Sadly, it puts some owner operators out of business. It is just too many rules, regulations, and paperwork required.

Many years ago, I heard a motivational speaker say something that I remember to this day. He said “is it better to learn from someone else’s mistake, or your own?” Well, the answer is obvious. You avoid the mistake if you learn from someone else who has already made the mistake.

I say that to say this. It is my desire to show you the ropes of this business. I want to steer you around some of the mistakes I made years ago as an entrepreneur new to this business. Knowing what mistakes not to make can be the difference between success and failure. It is my desire to help you succeed as an owner operator in business for yourself.

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