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owner operator no more paperwork

It’s time to sit back, relax, and watch your profits grow!

If you are an owner operator with your own running authority, and are looking for someone to find and schedule your loads for your truck, give us a call. As an owner operator you know the importance of keeping you truck running. While you are sitting still, profitable loads are passing you by. Well, not with us. We have a team of dispatchers with the knowledge, drive, and work ethic to acquire the best loads to keep you moving and keep you profitable.

Trying to run your own truck and book your own loads poses near insurmountable challenges if you want to be profitable. Good paying loads come and go on the load boards in a matter of seconds. You need trained eyes on the Load board while you are driving so that when you drop, you will – in many cases – know that another profitable load awaits you.

As an owner operator, you get to be your own boss. You determine how many loads you want to take, and pass on the ones that don’t fit your needs. We can relieve you of the hassle of paperwork, build your clientele, and even do your credit checks. Here is what we offer:

  • We take an 8% commission fee on all loads. You keep the rest.
  • We dispatch you to and from your home base.
  • We never force a dispatch. If you don’t want the run, you don’t have to take it.
  • We fill out your packets. If you hate paperwork, you’ll love Big Shaw Trucking.
  • We build your client base. No more scrounging for customers.
  • We’ll take care of your credit checks.
  • We take care of the load board. You pay nothing.
  • We will often provide you with pre-bookings. You may occasionally get to have a life.
  • We negotiate the absolute best paying loads on your behalf.
  • We provide a courteous, professional dispatch service that you’re going to love hearing from. More loads, zero hassle.

If all you need is someone to find your loads, we need to talk. Click on the link below and fill out our set-up packet.